Our ideal values influence our inner direction, our understanding of people and the world, and our unspoken agreements with our environment, within an organisation or a group. The values that we live make us recognisable and unique - whether as individuals, a group, a team or an organisation.
The following values for La Crisalide are a combination of Erica and Wolfgang Küng's personal values.

In a time in which people are being driven to isolation by extreme concentration on individuality, we wish to use companionship as a tool with which we can come into contact with ourselves and with God through others.
Equality needs companionship in order to become a source of healing.
Equality makes us whole

In a world that is merciless in its own way, we want to build a place where attentiveness can grow, from us and amongst the guests. We don't ask why.
We don't set destinations in advance, we let paths develop as we journey together.
The journey grows as we go.

People long to be touched. The boom in well being and massage shows this quite clearly. When we say touch we mean getting personal, becoming the centre of attention. When I am touched personally my inmost being can turn towards the light.
We start breathing in time with each other.

The reason we are here is so that people know and accept each other more. Successful humanity means: others can recognise in me who I am and what I believe.
Love your next, because he is like you.

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